Depression is pregnancy.

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Depression is pregnancy.
Yes, I said it. There you are, staring blankly atop the depths of the mortal toilet bowl, wondering when this awful “morning sickness” will finally come to an end. Except in the case of depression, it doesn’t only happen in the morning…

Depression is cancer. As we go further up in stages, our chances of survival slowly decrease.

Depression is a sensory deprivation tank. You’ve become so numb to your external environment that you feel empty inside. It’s not that you’re feeling sad, it’s that you’re not feeling anything at all. You’re thoughts are so hollow, that you can almost hear yourself stressing out.

Depression is war, but instead of focusing all your might on some other entity, all of your filthy passion is directed towards degrading yourself. You are the master, you are the target, yet nobody’s a winner.

Depression is Hell, and Satan is your life coach.

Basically, depression is everything we don’t make it out to be. There’s alot of confusion as to what it really is which makes people doubt its intensity and seriousness, so let me break it down for you (I’m talking to you Aunty-ji). Depression is this illness where you constantly feel low. When you’re sad, you most probably know the reason and can therefore fix it. With depression, the reason is not tangible, because the main cause of depression is the reduced secretion of “happy hormones” such as Dopamine, Seratonin, etc. Etc. Etc. It’s not abstract thought us angst ridden teens use to terrorize our parents (I wish), it’s medical. And fortunately, there are lots of depressing symptoms! Constant boredom, sadness, anxiety and sudden bursts of suicidal tendencies.

Satire aside(because there is so much stigma surrounding this topic), this is not how we should be made to live. Screw pride and Screw stigma my judgemental relatives, take these things seriously, before it’s too late. Change must happen. Change NEEDS to happen.

Treatment is vital. If you’ve been diagnosed or haven’t been but dove deep into the dark corners of the internet and have come to a conclusion that you do(in this case, go get yourself medically diagnosed as well) get a completely unbiased counsellor. Not your friend, not an acquaintance, someone who has little or zero contact to anybody you know. Otherwise you’ll only be able to open up about specific things to specific people. Get a counselor who matches your vibe, whose on the same wavelength as you basically, because not getting along well with your counselor could be harmful if you’re trying to feel better.

There are also anti-depressants but they do have some not so pleasant side-effects for some people. But if they work, more power to you.

And finally. Don’t let the ignorant ones get you down. What you’re going through is real and deserves to be acknowledged for what it is. It’s not just a “teen phase” and not everyone goes through it the same way as you do. Never let them let you believe that it’s made up because it’s in your head, demons are demons.

And after all, the mind is the most important part of the body.

-Manavi Srinivas

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