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By Devarya Singhania

The title might indicate some various topics but the main topic is about sharing or talking about events bothering you. Personally, I feel that every issue or problem bothering someone is considerable even though we may not feel like it. What some people usually do is they keep their problems aside, do not share it with someone because they think that the other person’s problems are heftier than theirs, but what the don’t realize is that those problems may become bigger and can cause trouble. I usually don’t like discussing topics related to negativity but realized that it is necessary. I don’t share events which bother me with people but eventually regretting this, I know some of you might be thinking “Why are you doing something which makes you regret those actions later?!”, and you are right, I do something which makes me regret my actions later because when I was in my ‘start of my teen’ years I was not with people who made me feel that sharing things like this is ‘mature’, which if I looked back to now is pretty futile! This is why I don’t want people in the future to repeat these mistakes. So, share events which bother you with a person whom you have faith and can trust. Eventually, everything will become better!

Information about the blogger:

“Devarya Singhania is currently in Grade 10 in TISB and aspires to bring about a change in the world. His passion towards this began after noticing the ignorance amongst his friends and close ones towards world issues. ‘Let’s talk’ had helped him begin his progress towards his aspiration. He believes in the ideologies of feminism and supports the LGBTQ+ community. He believes that every single person can bring a huge change if they follow the right path. He aspires to give speeches and interview people which he believe will change the way the ‘society’ progresses! He expects everyone will change their ideologies after he achieves what he aspires! He has a blog and the account on Instagram about his blogs.”

Instagram : society_s_enemy

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