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Hey Readers!

I know the question might seem to have an obvious answer but unfortunately, our society has not done anything towards this issue. All they can do is sit back and enjoy the other side cripple into pieces! However, they do not take into mind that the weaker the other side is their side is closer to become ‘that’ side. I am talking about students who commit suicides due to lack of guidance with regards getting out of academic pressure, the weak, disabled people who are struggling to get ‘the paper poison’ in order to fund their medical needs, children who are being driven out of their interests by the family, and people associated with them! I mean, ask yourselves this question, “What if I were one of them? Would anybody help me?” and answer that question by helping the needy and not buying ‘celebrity’ merch! I know many of you will ignore my statements but, believe me, the ignorers will suffer and realize, but it will be too late by then! The ‘paper poison’ has spoilt our society so badly that we are ready to sacrifice limitlessly! The worst part, we support that action by putting ‘quotes’ which were meant to be associated with another context! Hopefully, our society can acknowledge the people who really need attention and not celebrities and other irrelevant people.


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