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Those lips 

Those red, blood red lips 

The ones you can’t resist 

The ones you so madly want to kiss 

Those lips have lied so much more 

Than what you know 

These cigarettes that have felt 

The insides of her mouth 

When she smokes on rooftops 

And in balconies 

The cigarettes that can fathom 

Those terrible, terrible lies 

In the moonlight 

Their smoke makes it all hazy 

So you can’t see her bloodshot eyes 

When she lies that there’s no gap 

Between her thighs 

When she lies that she went out 

For a date that night 

Do you shoot cocaine in your veins 

When you’re out at that time? 

But these cigarettes 

These tobacco – filled rolls 

They know when she has cried 

At twilight 

They know where she hides her secrets, her scars 

These cigarettes look through all of the walls 

As clear as water 

To reach the flame 

Although they are restricted to stay 

Between those blood red lips 

They know her demons 

That cause chaos inside 

Better than anyone else 

But those cigarettes 

Those deathly, murderous cigarettes 

They’ll whisper their soothing charms 

They won’t judge her; 

They’d rather 

Take a life 

And so they did 

When they suppressed the havoc 

So that she almost told him 

Almost; that night 

Those cigarettes 

Those poisonous rolls of tobacco 

Left her skin pale 

And her red lips drained 

Those cigarettes made her trip 

More than cocaine or alcohol 

Those cigarettes left her 

Cold blooded that night 


Poetry account: @x.mundanemusings.x

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