Irrational Fears

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You’ve always had a way with words, when it came to me

I can always hear a sliver of your madness

In the syllables you speak

You compelled me

With a noose around my throat

That tightened with your disapproving glares

But when I brought my hand to my neck

There was never anything there?

But what was I supposed to do?

All you said was, that all I had to do

Was run, and come back

Come back

Come back?

Silence was starting to fill the void in me

‘What void?’ you’d ask

It’s all in your head

And all I did was shrug my shoulders

Like I could wriggle out of this mess

That I’d become

So once, you pushed me over the edge

And I sat, gripping the walls that you’d broken

With shivers running down my spine

My reality was sublime, you said?

But I could never come back

Come back


I was falling


Into a circular track

Moving towards the center

When I was never told to

You told me I was to do

What I was told to

To be, what I was told

I’m fucking sick of doing

What you told me to

My irrational fears, you said

When you grazed your mouth against my bleeding ear

Slicing through, with your taunting words

My irrational fears, you said

When you would leave me

In that track

My irrational fears, you said

When unfamiliar fingers gripped the waistband

Of my jeans, when you left me

My irrational fears, you said,

When I whispered with quivering lips

That I was not ready to be kept

To be owned, to BE

My irrational fears, you said

When I left you, lonely


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